Monday, May 19, 2008

WITNM (part two): The Mommyblogger...

Mommyblogger. It is a title that actually makes me cringe a little, but in effect that is what I am. I am not alone in my status. The internet is literally crawling with us.

I love this article written by Ron Davison: Are They Reinventing Motherhood (or just giving us a sneak peek into previously private journals)

Ron links to four blogs that I read regularly (I also read Ron's regularly but he doesn't qualify as a woman in the new media). All amazing accounts from completely different viewpoints. Amazing women writers who grant us a peek into their lives, marriages and families.

When I think of mommies in the trenches who beautifully balance the awe of motherhood with the often less glamorous tasks of the job, I can't help but mention
JCK at Motherscribe and Fullheartsandhands mama at Yes and so my heart. I think these two blogs are classic examples of what many of us are trying to portray. The tightrope that moms walk. The sheer amazement at our situation. The sheer chaos that it often creates.

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